Sep 19 2014
I have been Silent for 2 months

I have been silent for two months.  I apologize.  I have been completing two books. I now have them in the publishers and hopefully will release them within a few weeks.  I started them as articles but they became too large. The titles are:

Part I – FED Reserve Banks White Collar Crimes – Analysis of 20 Recent Banker Suicides_What is Going On?
Part II – FED Reserve Banks White Collar Crimes – Analysis of FED Plundering in Port Usury (NY). How much Booty Is It? 

The answer to the “Booty” question is in the 10s of trillions – that I can document.

I will release the ABSTRACTS of the above when the eBooks become available.  Hopefully, it will be within a couple of weeks.   This is my first experience at formal publishing.  I had to learn a lot of new ropes. However, I am slowly getting the “hang” of it.

Below is the Preface that I wrote on Part II.  It provides some insight into the content and why I wrote the books.


My curiosity about the number of executive level banker deaths got me into researching
the deaths while they were happening. The frequency of the deaths soon came too
many for me to follow so I put them on a time line spreadsheet. I believed that there
had to be a correlation to the number of investigatory committees into clusters of banker
deaths. There was a correlation and I documented the relationships in Part I of this
study. I initially thought that this could be an article for my Blog. During the research, it
dawned on me that these banks were acting like Pirates of old and that their motto of
“Dead Men Tell No Tales” would fit as a theme. I researched Henry Morgan, the British
Privateer and found the modern version of that privateer was Henry Greenspan of the
FED. When I ran the analysis of their lives, their accomplishments and their
Knighthood awards, the metaphor fit closely.

In the process of doing the Part I analysis of the FED and  Alan Greenspan, its Admiral,
I discovered that there was an “elephant in the room”. The current state of the world
economy and the U.S. economy was not an accident. I felt it was a planned event. The
big banker families have an idea that they can manage the world in a better way than
the people of the earth can. They have a concept that they developed called the “New
World Order” that they have been working toward for 150 years. Part II describes this

World leaders have identified this Illuminati concept of a New World Order for over 150
years.  Some who knew of it and spoke of it were Andrew Jackson, JF Kennedy, F.D.
Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and numerous others – - – but no one seemed to do
anything about it other than Andrew Jackson. There was an attempt on his life but the
assassin had to wait in rain and his powder in two pistols got wet. Andy at age 70 still
managed to cane the man. It was as if these men identified this central banker evil and
then they felt that absolved them of any obligation to get rid of it.
The conspiracy to create a New World Order has grown since 1913 and the conspiracy
to control all U.S. Currency occurred prior to 1913. The New World order requires a
fascist government to control the government and a communist political system to
control the people. Today we have the fascist government and a socialist political
system to control the people.

The challenge in this book was to expose what was going on and still keep it interesting.
I used the Monitor and Merrimack metaphor because it fit the situation of woode n ship
pirates who were predatory and who had made trillions of dollars from the defenseless
masses. The BRICS is an armored Merrimack that was designed to provide an honest
commercial market. Honesty is an armor that the FED could not replicate. The
Rothschild FED whole system is based on controlling the money, the interest rates,
the regulators and the government and then uses predatory usurious practices to
achieve profits and take assets in forfeiture. These men have admitted to fixing prices in
gold and silver, FOREX markets, LIBOR rates in a manner that is illegal but to their
advantage. In addition, they have admitted to fraud and stealing money in the mortgage
markets.  This report shows that the theft is in the trillions. The fines are in the billions
and no one goes to jail.

In the study, I tried to address the fact that this set of privateers was smart and was
covering their tracks with black letter law to justify their actions. The amount of theft
sizing went from the financial seas of international markets in Part I to in port usury
loans in Part II. These men have been in power for so long that they have become
arrogant or as the Greek Ancients would say, they have hubris. The research was
doable with the Web. I used the Web to find information. It was all there but no one had
put it all together.

I asked myself, “Why me?” as I went along doing the research which took months. My
answer  to myself was because my educational background allowed me to understood
how these men were working and saw that a relatively few well placed “bad guys” were
manipulating the entire financial system in order to cheat billions of people out of trillions
of dollars.  I understood “What” they were doing. I also understand “How” they do it.
They used computers located at the NY FED banks to accomplish the crimes. I
understood what was required to accomplish these crimes from “front running”, Gold
and Silver Price Fixing, FOREX price setting, LIBOR price setting as well as sub prime
mortgage fraud since I spent 40 years in Information Technology.  I believe that the
dollar theft is as big as this study shows. Frankly, it is probably larger.  My work
experience in IT and educational background in finance and economics gives me a
unique insight into these thefts. However, I am also a student of early American history
and have read the biographies of most of our founding fathers. I believe in the adage,
“There is no history, there is only biography.”  As a result, I have a good understanding
of this nation’s founding fathers’ beliefs and principles. I realized that continuation in the
direction we are heading would destroy this nation. The New World Order directly
attacks the founding fathers’ beliefs and what these men designed into the Declaration
of Independence and the Constitution to protect American citizens.

The question of “Why” these men do these crimes, led me to the New World Order.
These men actually believe in the New World Order that requires a government that
follows the philosophy of Plato whereas the founding fathers rejected Plato’s philosophy
of government and chose to make this nation follow the philosophy of Aristotle. The
nation was founded on Christian principles of the Ten Commandments which when
followed by honorable men of commerce created an atmosphere of trust  and
magnificent economic growth. All the American government institutions have an
underlying principle of honesty and trust built into them. A system that is meant to do A
and does B because of insider manipulation can manipulate profits to a select group of
individuals but destroys trust in the system and the institution of government. We now
have that working in the financial markets. Everything is rigged – currently to go up but
can go down when they want it to.

 These men introduced a crooked dealer into an honest poker game. As a result, they
made trillions of dollars but it was from billions of transactions among common people.
If they are not stopped, then our Republican Democracy will be destroyed. As you read
along, I tried to lighten this somber message with images and the metaphors of Man of
War and the Merrimack. In searching for the images, I was surprised how many there
were that explained the theme of this book because most were taken from the time of
the events.  Even in 1890 and 1913, people were aware.  This means that for 100
years, men have understood that there is an “elephant in the room” but no one spoke up
or did anything about it. This too may be a futile effort but at least I feel better for trying
to expose and suggest solutions.

 Our financial systems have become corrupt by design. The men behind the FED and
its banks created this system over a period of 100 years. They have changed laws to
cover their thefts.  They now have a view in mind of the New World Order. Now is the
time to stop them. The Internet can provide the truth in many areas and can expose
these arrogant men.  Frederic Bastiat says it best:

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”



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