Jan 6 2014
REMAX Real Estate Agent Review: REALizing OUR Dreams

When you are looking for reliability and consistency with your real estate needs, there is REMAX, the #1 name in real estate. REMAX is easily recognized because it has the most productive network of agents. We looked high and low but found our wonderful agent, Sandra, walking right beside us into our dream home. She is one among many, since there are 90,000+ agents in more than 6,300+ offices, in an amazing 85 countries, but to us, she is one in a million.

REMAX has spent billions of dollars worldwide, for over 40 years, to perfect their brand. REMAX BalloonThe recognizable red, white and blue hot air REMAX balloon is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. There are actually 120 of these balloons making up one of the largest fleets of hot air balloons anywhere. See the article, REMAX Real Estate Franchise Review for more information.

REMAX prides its self in looking for and recruiting the top performers in the real estate business. It was founded in Denver, Colorado (my home town) in 1973, and continues to lead the industry.

Thinking of A REMAX Agent for YOUR Real Estate Needs?

Having a REMAX real estate expert on your side as the life change of moving (or having to move) is one less thing you will have to worry about. Real estate is a very high stakes market, especially in any of the cities where the real estate markets are trying to recover from the worst real estate debacle the U. S. has ever seen. Here in South Florida… it is cut throat!

Both buyers and sellers want the top real estate agents to handle their business. See the article Buying A Home. What makes a great REMAX agent?

A Great Agent Will:

  • Demonstrate Excellent REMAX Customer Service, focusing on the customer’s needs, keeping you informed of the BEST process for YOUR needs
  • Keeps communication flows readily between the agent and the client
  • Utilizes a reliable referral network for real estate related products, such as inspections and title searches
  • Uses leading-edge technology to bring the sale to close
  • Consistently encourages and supports when the ‘waiting game gets tough’!
  • Understands and applies the mission statement, REMAX is Main Street, Not Wall Street.”
  • Values their license and their reputation as it relates to current and future real estate business
  • Strives to share the concepts of energy efficiency with a ‘greener’ home to both buyers and sellers.
  • Attended REMAX University

The REMAX Real Estate Process

The process begins as a buyer when you join your REMAX real estate agent and share REMAX logothe desires of your heart about your dream home. You may have some initial paperwork or an interview to ensure they understand what you are looking for. If you have already found something you want to see, either online or a home you have driven by, it is their responsibility to find out if the property is actually available.

You and any or all of your investment partners may have to submit a similar application with the agent in the ultimate goal to secure the funding you will need to purchase. All applications will be evaluated and your commitment and level of serious interest will be examined to ensure you can adequately obtain the home you desire.

There are a variety of ways to purchase a home available to home owners in this new real estate market. Some include:

  • Traditional purchase to include Fanny May
  • Foreclosure Auctions
  • Short Sales
  • Estate Sales
  • Others

Secure YOUR Finances FIRST!

These days having financing secured first is really the best way to enter the real estate market. Knowing what you want is one thing as far as how many bedrooms and bathrooms your family will need, but knowing what your budget and your lender will manage may determine where and how large of a home you can purchase.

The bidding or offer process is very specific and binds you to a legal contract. It is critical to know what you are signing and what is required. Do you know what Ernest Money is and can you get yours back? The REMAX agent who attended their University will explain this in detail and will be able to answer all of your questions. If you find that they can’t or don’t respond as promised with what you have asked, move on… There are others and surely you will find the perfect agent to work with.

REALizing OUR Dreams…

Within the last few weeks we found our dream home and we are in the midst of utilizing our REMAX agent in a new way. It is a new experience, and I am confident that our home will be our home by the end of the week.  Timing is the key but far less important than understanding all the rules and regulations that are involved for our particular transaction. Keep us in your thoughts!

Is REMAX Real Estate For You?

Bless all of you who have found success with a competent REMAX agent. REMAX keeps entire communities afloat and thriving, especially with what is happening on a global economic scale.

We wanted a business relationship with a caring wonderful agent. We found her. Thanks so much for all you are doing for us, Sandra.

This may not be for you. Everyone will find their next real estate office and agent in their own way. You may be one of the next REMAX clients who hires the best agent and finds the home of your dreams!

Quote From The Tote: “Don’t waste another moment. Choose the purpose for a call and choose the questions that best fit for you. Type them in your favorite font. Print them in color. You will find you may need to modify the number of questions. With a little practice, you will be a pro in no time!” ~ By Genie Craff  Stallin’ Callin’  Money Making Phone Calls – Working From Home

Visit the Genie Craff blog for more articles and books.

(c) Copyright Genie Craff, Enterprises, LLC 2014

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